​The World's First ​​All-in-One Landing Page Management System

​​​Manage All Your Landing Pages from One Single Dashboard​!

​Now ​Publishing a New Landing Page for Your Next Media Buying Campaign Is ​Faster and Easier Than Ever...

​​And All of These Can Be Done from a Centralized Dashboard ​- Best Of A​ll​, There Are NO MONTHLY ​FEES!

​Meet LanderMS

​LanderMS Is a Self-Hosted, Web-Based Landing Page Management System, Which Provides You Everything You Need All Under One Roof - Upload, Copy and Manage Your Template Library​. Add and Manage Your Own JavaScript and PHP Script Library​. Create and Edit Unlimited Landing Pages​. Create and Run Unlimited Split-Test Optimisations. - All from Just ONE Dashboard!

Finally no more messing up with HTML files, no more fumbling around with JavaScript codes, and no more uploading files over FTP.

LanderMS Is Your All-In-One Landing Page Powerhouse That Makes Your Lander Management and Hosting Faster and Easier Without Ever Having to Leave The One Dashboard!

​With LanderMS You Can:

​​Run Your Campaigns Without Restrictions

​As ​​​LanderMS Is Hosted on Your Own Server,  You Can Create and Host ​As Many Landing Pages ​​or Split-Tests​ as You Like. ​Also, There ​Are No Restrictions​ on The Amount of Traffic You Can Get.

​​Edit Exactly What You Want To​​

​Our Feature ​Rich, Easy to ​Use, WYSIWYG ​Landing ​Page ​Editor ​Allows ​You to ​Edit ​​a ​Landing ​Page ​Like ​​You ​Would be ​Editing ​It Inside a ​Standard Word Processor.

​​​Gain More Control

​If ​You ​Are an Advanced ​User and ​Know How to ​Deal ​With ​The ​Codes, ​Then ​Use ​The ​Built-in ​Powerful ​Code ​Editor, ​​Which ​Also ​Supports ​Syntax ​Highlighting for HTML, JavaScript, and PHP​.

​​Build Your Own Script Library

​Found Some Conversion Boosting JavaScript or PHP Codes, And Want To add Them to Your Landing Pages? …No Problem, Just Store Them ​Into to LanderMS Script Library, and It Will be Available for Every Landing Pages You Are Creating with LanderMS.

​​Reuse Your Script Components

​LanderMS Script Library Support Dynamic Script Parameters – Meaning, Every Script Code Will Be Reusable with Any Landing Page, And the Required Parameters Can Be Passed At The Time Of Landing Page Creation.

​​Infinite Optimization

​While Buying Expensive Traffic, You Just Can’t Afford to Host Plain Landing Pages. Use LanderMS to Split-Test Your Landing Pages and Optimize Them On-The-Fly. With LanderMS, You Can Even ​Run an Infinite Split-Test, Which Will Always Send Traffic to The Landing Page with The Highest CTR.

​Be ​100% ​Sure

​LanderMS ​Is a Self-hosted Application - Meaning All Your Data are 100% Private and No More Possible Leakage/Spying of Your Valuable Campaign Data (Yes, That Happens!).

​​​Let's Look At Some ​Of The Feature ​Which ​LanderMS Has to Offer

​Upload Templates

​​Upload ​​your existing ​ landing page​s ​to LanderMS as templates, and​ then you can edit, optimize ​or reuse ​them for your next media buying campaign.

​Copy Template

​​Copy any​ landing page template from a ​remote URL and save it directly ​​to LanderMS​ ​(​LMS also disables on page JavaScript ​while copying it).

​Download Templates

​​​Any template​ from your LanderMS template library can be downloaded as a zip ​​file, and then you can edit it on your ​local computer.

​Add JavaScript

​​Create and maintain reusable JavaScript code library with dynamic parameters and reuse them on any new landing page ​you are creating.

​Add PHP Code

​​Similar to JavaScript code library you can also add any PHP code snippets to LanderMS and use them with your landing pages on the fly.

​Centralized Library

​​LanderMS acts as a centralized library for the templates​ and ​codes you have added, and then you can ​edit and reuse these components ​from ​a ​single dashboard.

​Code Editor

​LanderMS has a built-in code editor with syntax highlighting, which allows the power user to look inside the code files and modify them as per their requirements.

​Create Landing Pages

​Publishing a landing page with LanderMS is a cinch. Just choose the desired template, enter click URL, and then hit publish button, that's really it...

​Create Split Tests

​Split-test is the most powerful feature of LanderMS. You can create unlimited split-tests with unlimited variations. Best of all these split-tests are optimized infinitely without any interventions.


​All landing pages and split-tests created with LanderMS can be edited with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor. Everything which is visible in your browser can be edited with just single click.

​CTR Statistics

​While running a split-test, LanderMS also collects useful statistics such as the number of a page view, number of clicks, and the actual CTR. You can use this data for better optimisation of your landing pages.

​CSV Exports

​LanderMS allows you to export all your landing pages and split-tests URLs into a CSV file, which later can be imported to your tracker for bulk adding landing page URLs.

As Soon As You Get Started With LanderMS, You Will No Longer Need To:

  • Struggle with Complicated and Expensive Landing Page Editing Software.
  • Worrying About Dealing With HTML or JavaScript codes, While Editing Your Landing Pages
  • Paying Recurring Charges for a Landing Page Management System
  • Blindly Trusting Someone to Host Your Landing Pages, And Then Fearing of Them Stealing Your Campaign

With LanderMS, You Open Up Unlimited Opportunities, and You Will Be Able To...

  • Host Unlimited Landing Pages - All From a Single Dashboard
  • Easily Edit Any Landing Page From a Very Simple WYSIWYG Interface.
  • Create And Split-test Unlimited Variations of Landing Pages For Your Campaign
  • Easily Copy Almost Any Landing Pages From Remote URL.
  • Build And Maintain Your Own Conversion Boosting Code Library.
  • One-Click Export of Your Landing Page Data to Import/Use Them With Your Tracker
  • LanderMS Being 100% Self-hosted, No Fear of Someone Stealing Your Campaign or Traffic Data

It’s never been easier to publish a landing page, upload your own custom landing page template, create an exact copy of landing page from remote URL, edit your landing page with an easy to use WYSIWYG editor, create unlimited split-tests... the possibilities are just endless...


Customer feedback

Customer Image ​William Gallegos

William Gallegos

LanderMS is a complete suite for media buyers that eases landing page management. And with the availability of the advanced feature like the split testing, it is just the best. If you are a person with little or no technical skills, this complete package helps you create everything with easy WYSIWYG editor.

Customer Image Richard Pearsall

Richard Pearsall

Affiliate marketers with little or no technical skills will absolutely love this one. Now anyone can edit and publish different types of landing pages in literally minutes. LanderMS is a must have for anyone who is buying traffic and promoting anything online with landing pages.

Customer Image Carmen Luna

Carmen Luna

LanderMS makes it easy to manage and publish landing pages, create powerful split tests and copy any landing page from any URL. I'm amazed how simple and easy this tool is. It has really helped me a lot, thank you for making it available.

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